You’ll probably try some of these!

When I first saw these years ago, my first thought was “I’ll probably try some of these”.

7Being a dad

Before I had children, I would have NEVER thought of grabbing another human beings booger out of their nose…   now, it’s a daily routine around here!



4Being a dad

I mean, come on!  Who HASN’T made faces with their new born??  If not faces, then AT LEAST pulled on their bottom lip to make them talk like a ventriloquist doll, right??






1Being a dad

EVERY father has done this to some degree!  Most likely when mom is NOT around.


3Being a dad

Maybe not to the extreme as the picture, but there’s a possibility that even MOM has done something like this.

2Being a dad

There are no words to say.  Know someone who would try it?  Have you?

5Being a dad

Now it’s getting ridiculous.  Maybe when he’s older, but not a baby!!


6Being a dad

I’ll end it on this:  DON’T try this one!!  EVER!!

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I’m sorry I don’t know the artist or source of these images.  I’ve had them for many years, a friend sent them in an email.  If you know the source or artist, please contact me so I can give credit!!