One year later, all is well

It was 1 year ago today that Truman came into this world and I saw the hand of God.


As you can see, he’s happy, healthy and enjoying the good life with his amazing older siblings.

His older brothers and sister love and adore him.  He’s the perfect addition to our family.  Just enough sass, cuddle, cuteness and heart to complete us.

But it hasn’t been all fun and video games.  Shortly after we got him and mom home, he got RSV and ended up in the hospital on a respirator for a week.

To make things worse, I was so very sick myself and couldn’t visit or relieve my wife from the long, sleep deprived nights in ICU, nor was I much help at home taking care of the other kids.

This is when family, friends and neighbors stepped up and helped.  Not sure if I ever deeply thanked them all for their service, charity and love.


There were many (aunts, uncles, cousins, church and work friends, neighbors) who really pulled through… both Grandmas were amazing!!  And our older kids all stepped up to help each other at home.  Getting ready for school on their own and even learning to make their own cereal for dinner.   ;0)

But it wasn’t over.  Once home and recovered, baby Truman went back a couple months later for respiratory troubles…  twice.  He had three hospital trips in all over his first 8 months.  I’m sure having 5 older sib’s that are in and out of the sick/germ infestation called the public school system had NOTHING to do with it, right?

To add to all that Truman was dealing with, Shurlin had her own medical issues to sort through as well.  During the chaos of the ordeal of childbirth (as outlined in “saw hand of God” post), her ureter from kidney to bladder got kinked, twisted or pinched. This caused multiple kidney infections and back pain while she was ALSO dealing with the goings on with Truman.  9 months, off and on, dealing with surgeries and medical procedures to correct.   Sheesh!

When she finally got the all clear that her kidneys, ureter and bladder where functioning normal, we felt it another miracle.  It was a rocky 9 months but we finally got it all balanced out and back on track.

We are now in the flow of life with this little guy as the caboose on the crazy train!

Over the past year, Truman has brought such joy to our family.  Our family is complete with him.  He is perfect for the older kids.  The right temperament that opens their eyes to the difficulties and joy of parenting.  The older kids take such great care of him.  When he was learning to walk the older kids would work tirelessly with him and were his biggest cheerleaders.

5 boys!  Holy Moly!!  Who’da’thunk’it?!?

I have to remind myself that my 1 daughter will keep things balanced!

The next 17+ years is gonna be a GREAT JOURNEY!!

I’m excited for what they all will become.  I’m grateful that God has trusted me to lead, guide and walk beside them to show them the Plan of Happiness.  To inspire them through my own behaviors, examples and open, honest communication.

To teach them that they have choices in this life and to make the right choice, even when it’s hard.  To challenge them to become more.  To encourage them to be brave.  To push them out of their comfort zone and have courage.

I pray that they will love as the Savior loves.  Unconditionally.


(please comment below with a happy birthday wish for Truman.  We’ll read this in a few years)


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