The half effort fathers


I heard it said that most people do just enough in most areas of their life to not screw things up.   We do just enough at work to NOT get fired.  We do just enough in our relationships to not divorce. We do just enough at the gym to build up a sweat.

Most people do just enough to get by… (there are few exceptions)

It’s only when someone else requires more of us that we step up to go above and beyond.  Usually, when they expected more than we are willing to put forth, that’s when disconnect and disagreements (arguments) ensue.

HEY DAD:  Require more of yourself!  Give more effort.   In fact, Mr. Math Wizard, if you can DOUBLE your efforts in anything you do, you are currently only giving HALF of what you are capable of accomplishing.

In my classes I do an activity that asks everyone to give a standing ovation.  I make sure and say: “give it everything you’ve got”.   At first try everyone stands up and gives “just enough” or what they think is appropriate based on what the group is doing.   No one really steps up and goes all out.  Typically, because they are afraid of the judgements of others or a judgement of themselves.

I then ask them “can you double your efforts?”.   After discussion about the half-effort, we do the standing ovation again.  With GREATER results!  When you focus on putting in 100% effort, you can actually FEEL a physical difference in the effort made.  The blood is running, the brain is activated, and there’s a positive energy that everyone is feeling.

We get different results when we commit 100%!

As a dad, your responsibility is to teach your kids responsibility, right?  You are expecting your kids (because you are trying to teach them a lesson) to give their all.  Give 100% to their chore, homework, sports, etc.  You recognize it, point it out (& in some cases, punish them) when they half-effort it, right?

But what about you?  When are you going to expect MORE of yourself?


Are you committed 100% to communication with your wife & kids?  And by the way, communication means listen too!!  And, don’t just listen, but listen to understand.

Are you committed 100% to your relationship with your wife & kids?  Don’t just spend time with them, but be there completely.  Forget work and other worries.

What if you were a PROACTIVE Father?  What if you DOUBLED your efforts as a husband and Father?  What results do you think you might get?

I’d love to hear your comments below.