Gadgets For Dad’s Garage

I love the garage.  Every dad needs one.  It’s part of our DNA.

I just wish I had one that I could call my own.  I’ll be honest and say that my garage looks more like this:

garage-full-of-possessions sparefoot

And I wish it looked like this:

Here are FIVE Gadgets for Dad’s Garage


  1. GPS Tracking Key!
    GPS tracking keyIt’s a little spy for the car.  It records locations, driving speed, and stops.
    I want one for my own driving to see how frequently I’m going to Sonic drive in!


2. Sharper Image: Dual Laser parking guide.
I will have this for when my teenagers are parking.  Just saying.
Perfect parking…  (not that I need help)


3. MyLifter.
Source: mylifter.comI pretty much need a dozen of these in the garage AND around the house.
The boys room specific!!


4. Craftworks Toolbox Fridge.
Source: homewetbar.comSource: homewetbar.comLet’s be honest – this is REALLY what’s happening out in the garage.   PLUS, I think you’ll get more time with the kids if they know about this secret.  Shhh…  don’t tell mom.


5. Ring – Video doorbell.
Source: ring.comThis isn’t exactly a “garage” item, but depending on where your front door is, it’s at least close.
Who’s coming to the door?  Even if you’re at work, you’ll know who’s-a-knockin’.  (they don’t even have to ring the bell to activate the motion sensor camera connected to smartphone)

Have you tried any of these products?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  Thanks!