Today I saw the Hand of God

It’s nearly midnight and still no baby.  She’s been slowly dilating from a 2 to a 5 for a couple hours now.  I’m tired too, but I want to be a supportive husband.  What can I do except be a cheerleader for her to “be patient”?  “It’ll happen when it’s ready”.  Another 90 min’s goes […]

Gadgets For Dad’s Garage

I love the garage.  Every dad needs one.  It’s part of our DNA. I just wish I had one that I could call my own.  I’ll be honest and say that my garage looks more like this: And I wish it looked like this: Here are FIVE Gadgets for Dad’s Garage   GPS Tracking Key! […]

Must read book

There’s plenty of books out there that are about parenting, but none comes close to giving such great ideas of being a good father like It’s written with the on-the-go Dad in mind:  Short chapters!   Each chapter is brief with a “takeaway” at the end.  If you only have to open and read the […]