One year later, all is well

It was 1 year ago today that Truman came into this world and I saw the hand of God. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TRUMAN! As you can see, he’s happy, healthy and enjoying the good life with his amazing older siblings. His older brothers and sister love and adore him.  He’s the perfect addition to our […]

The half effort fathers

I heard it said that most people do just enough in most areas of their life to not screw things up.   We do just enough at work to NOT get fired.  We do just enough in our relationships to not divorce. We do just enough at the gym to build up a sweat. Most […]

You’ll probably try some of these!

When I first saw these years ago, my first thought was “I’ll probably try some of these”. Before I had children, I would have NEVER thought of grabbing another human beings booger out of their nose…   now, it’s a daily routine around here!     I mean, come on!  Who HASN’T made faces with […]

Dog parenting vs real parenting

Last week a friend of mine said:  “I’m a parent, I have a dog!  She’s my baby, and I’m her dad.  It’s a big responsibility!” To all those dog “parents” out there, here’s what real parenting would look like if I could take care of my child like you take care of yours: Feeding: I […]

Today I saw the Hand of God

It’s nearly midnight and still no baby.  She’s been slowly dilating from a 2 to a 5 for a couple hours now.  I’m tired too, but I want to be a supportive husband.  What can I do except be a cheerleader for her to “be patient”?  “It’ll happen when it’s ready”.  Another 90 min’s goes […]

Gadgets For Dad’s Garage

I love the garage.  Every dad needs one.  It’s part of our DNA. I just wish I had one that I could call my own.  I’ll be honest and say that my garage looks more like this: And I wish it looked like this: Here are FIVE Gadgets for Dad’s Garage   GPS Tracking Key! […]

Must read book

There’s plenty of books out there that are about parenting, but none comes close to giving such great ideas of being a good father like It’s written with the on-the-go Dad in mind:  Short chapters!   Each chapter is brief with a “takeaway” at the end.  If you only have to open and read the […]